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Friday, April 22, 2011


Last wednesday we were papped at peters party PPP Penis

peter stuyvesant

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EYE I look like shit, but i smoke to much, Fuck it anyway
So hows it all going? i need a big re-asses. I bought some basics. Start in the right direction. Black + White shirt, tees, loose knits, docs, and a pair of black leather pants.

New camera? im thinking film. its like, PRE photoshopped. No wonder everyone looked so good in the 70s. there were no fucking ugly digitals to fuck you up.


so yeah, this was the peter styvant party, free smokes, hot chix, and hot dogz.
Phots courtesy of Trevene P_Track http://www.deathinberlin.com/post/4683299040/bowery-station

Sorry this post is shit, im

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