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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I don't really have anything to say... i went to a warehouse rave on saturday and we snuck into a construction site and stole the beer from their "lunch room" and used their ketchup to paint atheist symbols all over the walls and each other, and when the photos get developed from that i can share in despair, but really, im all out of ideas for the time being. Was going to dye my hair brown this week but instead bought more bleach and doing that on thursday. Lifez boring, going for a job with aussie designer Ksubi. CV sent off! YIKEZ BITCHEZ!

But yeah... i dont know... besides the flashing lights in my peripherals from too much acid this weekend, my life is pretty tame unless your living it.

BORING BOO! But ill try to find something to make you laugh, but for now, CIGARRETTE BREAK!!

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